Renewal of FL1 and FL2 liquor licences - 2017-18 (Last Date: 28.02.2017) || E-auction of immovable properties - Corrigendum || E-Auction for sale of confiscated vehicles - Click here || E-Auctioning of immovable properties pledged during the year 2011-12 - click here || Enhancement of licence fee 2015-16 - Click here
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About Puduvaicalal

Puduvaicalal is an eGovernance application, helps the department to have a fair, transparent and effective functioning of the Excise machinery. It is a web based work flow system developed under Open Source platform. It provides a single platform to all the stake holders for decision support, availing online services and information access on for entire Puducherry UT. Both application and data were hosted in Puducherry SDC in a secured manner with the cost effective networking backbone of Puducherry SWAN.

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